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Free gift wrapping service. Products. Swarovski Group’s website omits mention of the Nazi period in the “Our History” section, skipping the years between 1931 and 1949 on its timeline. Beetle designed as bottle opener, Swarovski, about 1978. Swarovski Lighting, Ltd. includes two distinct premium consumer lighting brands; Swarovski, with its contemporary aesthetic, and Schonbek, with its classic designs. Swarovski crystals — a success story. As an expert in retail, distribution and marketing services based in Dubai, the Group has become a major player in the beauty, fashion and gift sectors regionally. Container with "potlid", Swarovski… Pre-paid tax and free UK shipping. Swarovski Gemstones Business. Swarovski, a company whose reputation for innovation, cutting precision, unrivaled quality and service has been at the forefront of … In 2000, the company established Swarovski Waterschool, our flagship community investment program. Swarovski Corporate Gifts. Tax Free Swarovski Jewellery, Crystal figurines, Watches, Cufflinks, Rings, Iphone Cases, Annual Editions, Bangles, Bracelets & SCS member products. The Chalhoub Group has been the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East since 1955. The family business was founded in 1895 by the visionary founder Daniel Swarovski and can now look back on a long series of successful cooperations with tradesmen. Headquartered in Schwaz (Austria), the family-owned business combines the strengths of being a part of the dynamic Swarovski Group with a century’s worth of … 20% cheaper than the UK High Street. Water continues to be fundamental to Swarovski’s business, and now more than ever, we understand its role as the source of all life on the planet. With a stunning collection, elegant signature packaging, and options to personalize your gifts, Swarovski helps your company’s strongest assets … Made of Rhodium and crystal glass. For over 120 years, Swarovski Crystal has been cutting crystals with perfect precision. International Shipping available

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