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In the project “ MY LIFE – MY STYLE – MY FUTURE ” pupils of two 6th forms of the Viennese schools AHS Rahlgasse and BRG Marchettigasse analysed their own lifestyles and those of other teenagers at their schools and at an african twin school ( Collège du Levant in Cameroon ) . Download "Madonna & Quavo – Future (Lyrics)": Listen to more on Spotify: Click the bell () to be the first to hear new tunes. For example, ich denke (îH dên-ke) can be used as the equivalent of “I think,” “I do think,” or “I am thinking” in English. The Future Perfect Tense in German (Futur II): Like English, German has a future perfect tense that is used to talk about what will in the future be a past event. It is constructed by putting the auxiliary verb of the perfect tense ("haben" or "sein") into a future form: The melody for “Still, still, still” is a traditional folk tune from the Austrian state of Salzburg. I can't seem to focus And you don't seem to notice I'm not here I'm just a mirror You check your complexion To find your reflection's all alone Conveying the future in German can be done in several ways - by using werden, by combining the present tense with future time phrases, or by using phrases like ich hoffe, ich plane zu, ich habe vor. Ridin Strikers Lyrics: Riding strikers / Hotbox shit, gonna hotbox (Pluto) / I'm gonna cut 'em (You got somethin' to bring) / Riding strikers good, yeah / Riding strikers through the hood / Riding Sustainable lifestyles and adolescent life realities. And depending on the context, German present tense may even be rendered with another tense, future or past, in English. Karaoke – The state German conference and competition where I grew up often offered German karaoke as an end-of-year activity for students. The project “German is my future” is a part of the Year of German-American Friendship initiative in 2018/19, a comprehensive and collaborative initiative of the Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institute, and the Federation of German Industries (BDI), highlighting the decades long relationship grounded in common values, interests, and goals. The German present tense corresponds to three forms in English. With my future And you don't know her And I, I'm in love (Love, love) But not with anybody here I'll see you in a couple years Traduction My Future - Billie Eilish. If your students become familiar with multiple German songs, search YouTube for videos with the Songtext (lyrics) shown, and let your students belt it out.

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