lay me down chords piano

Verse: Am (for the whole verse) I feel weak, things get tough Sometimes my knees can barely hold me up I'm no fool, but it's said You gotta walk a mile 'til you're outta my head Come within, tas CHORDS USED (Em, C, G, Am, D) ~ capo: 3rd fret [intro] Em C G Em C G [verse (1)] Em C G i stripped it down for your naked eyes Em C G so you could understand and let me inside Em C G so i hope you through the rising tide Am C G that i'll be Lay By Me CHORDS by Ruben Lay By Me CHORDS by Ruben for GUITAR, UKULELE, and PIANO !! Si intitola Lay Me Down il nuovo singolo (rilasciato il 9 marzo) di Sam Smith feat. [Verse] E Yes I do, I believe E That one day I will be, where I was Aadd9 Right there, right next to you Aadd9 And it's hard, the days just seem so dark Aadd9 Lay Me Down Chords by Barry Manilow. I due artisti hanno registrato una versione speciale del brano che sarà il singolo ufficiale del Red Nose Day, la giornata dedicata alla raccolta fondi per Comic Relief, l'associazione inglese che sostiene i … Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. [Verse] E Yes I do, I believe E That one day I will be, where I was A Right there, right next to you John Legend. Bm A G F#m Bm A G I would never lie to you Dsus2 F#m unless you tell me to Bm A G Every part of me you own E all my

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